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Financial Assistance


Scholarships are available for families with a justifiable financial need who are not able to afford the full cost of registration. Please contact the EPL administrator at for more information. 


All inquiries are kept confidential.


Introducing the Owen Klinger Scholarship!

This scholarship will be issued annually in Owen’s memory to one EPL player (boy) each spring season.


As most of you may be aware, Owen passed away in 2019, which affected the entire community including us at EPL. Owen played for EPL from 5th-8th grade and spent four years of high school officiating EPL games including EPL’s PDX Lax Jam and Voodoo Classic tournaments. EPL grew to depend on him always being able to show up to officiate our youth games. Owen spoke often of his love of working with kids while a ref, helping them understand the rules of the game. During his EPL years, he played several positions, trying midfield, attack, long pole defender and even goalie. He played on the 7/8 select team as a back-up goalie and was always eager to fill in on the field where needed. Owen went on to play four years of lacrosse at Grant High School and on the summer ELKS teams.  Our hearts go out to his family and friends. In honor of Owen’s contributions to EPL, we are offering a player scholarship in his name that will provide free registration to that player for the spring season.


“As a coach, we all wish we can coach an Owen. It is why we coach sports. A coachable athlete who was willing to learn a system to make his teammates better. To give 100% every day, every play.  He just was there to have fun to be part of something and give to the team. Owen had character, flow, bounce, smiles, determination and grit. Without accolade, he gave of himself and we were all better for it. I can say with absolute certainty that my involvement in youth sports would be less rich without Owen.”

~Stuart Montgomery (Owen’s coach during EPL years and family friend)


“Owen had a unique role on my teams that was not always glorified like other positions. Defensive midfield is the toughest position, maybe only second to the goalie. You are the one most frequently dodged on and you are asked to play defense without a six foot pole in your hands. Owen did this with exceptional execution and was part of the best defensive midfield core in the state in my opinion. But that’s not what I remember about Owen. What I remember is a quiet leader. A guy who led by example. Someone who came everyday into a competitive and intense environment and managed to compete without any ego. There are very few kids that I can genuinely say that about. The lack of ego and blue collar approach to the game led to unanimous respect throughout our team. I can’t think of a better trait to have as a human being, one that I wish lived in more of us, including me.”

~Dan McKinney (Owen’s coach at Grant High School)

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