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Eastside Portland Lacrosse

Code of Conduct


Eastside Portland Lacrosse believes that good sportsmanship is critical to the success of our program. The following guidelines are expected of all players, parents and coaches who are affiliated with EPL.  Our guidelines are in place so that the behavior of anyone involved with EPL activities does not detract from our youth’s safe enjoyment of the sport of lacrosse.


  • Encourage athletes in a positive manner; use the appropriate language to support an athlete’s efforts.

  • Set an example of good conduct; maintain a wholesome and friendly rivalry between teams.

  • Give all athletes sufficient playing time.

  • Treat all with respect and dignity. Do not shout or make derogatory comments to athletes, coaches, parents, spectators or officials.

  • Do not humiliate an opponent by severely outscoring a team.

  • Be humble in winning and gracious in defeat.

  • A friendly handshake or positive comment to the opposing coach should be exchanged after every game regardless of the outcome



  • Treat opponents with respect and dignity.

  • Give only constructive criticism and positive encouragement to teammates.

  • Respect the referee and accept their decisions without gesture or argument.

  • Play by the rules, play fair.

  • Behave with honesty, straightforwardness and a dignified attitude when others do not play fairly.

  • All teams at the conclusion of the sport event should exchange a handshake and/or cheer.



  • Scorekeepers, timekeepers and all other event volunteers are considered officials of the contest and should conduct themselves in an impartial manner throughout the sport event. They should not be coaching the participants, yelling at the participants and/or officials, etc. They are encouraged to show appreciation for any exceptional play during games.




  • Remember that children play organized sports for their own fun and enjoyment.

  • Remain in the appropriate area during all games. 

  • Make only positive comments to athletes, coaches, parents and officials. There is no place in EPL events for booing or criticizing officials.

  • Applaud good plays by your own team AND the opposing team.

  • Show respect for your team’s opponents. Without them there would be no game.

  • Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during a practice or game.

  • Condemn the use of violence in all forms.

  • Do not coach team players, including your own child, from the sideline during a game.

  • Communicate with your coach and create a positive, supportive working relationship.

  • Do not interfere with your athlete’s coach. Be willing to give responsibility for your athlete to the coach during practices and games.

  • Do not direct any comments or concerns to the game officials at any time. These should be directed to the coaches, who shall direct those comments to the appropriate EPL Coaching Director.



  • Each coach is responsible for the conduct of their team members, parents, and spectators. Any coach, athlete, parent or spectator may be cited for unsportsmanlike conduct by a coach or Coaching Director.

  • If a coach or an athlete is cited for unsportsmanlike conduct, (i.e. abusive language or unsportsmanlike acts), the offending individual will receive at least a one-game suspension.

  • The person cited (for any infraction) must meet with their coach and Coaching Director before being reinstated to participate in EPL games/events or practices. 

  • The range of sanctions will be determined by the seriousness of the infraction.  Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, forfeiture of games and/or ineligibility to participate in post-season championship events. There will be no refund of registration or tournament fees to a player who is removed from the program due to unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • If a coach is cited for unsportsmanlike conduct or any behavior unbecoming to their status as coach, the EPL Board reserves the right to suspend or terminate said coach for the rest of the season, including post-season tournaments.

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